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The Joy 450 Orbital Wrapper, characterized by unrivaled manufacturing excellence, raises the standard in performance and reliability. Its superior wrapping speed ensures rapid, accurate packaging, making it an ideal fit for an array of industries such as woodworking, cabinetry, PVC packaging, and beyond.

Tailored for versatility, the Joy 450 can skillfully handle a diverse product range, encompassing mouldings, aluminium and PVC profiles, shelves, blinds, and kit furniture. Whatever your packaging demands are, the Joy 450 Orbital Wrapper consistently exceeds expectations with its stellar performance.

Accompanied by a plethora of customizable optional features, the Joy 450 enhances your packaging functionality, driving your business's productivity to new heights. This machine isn't one-size-fits-all; it adapts and molds itself to your distinctive needs, delivering bespoke solutions to your packaging process.

Furthermore, the Joy 450's competitive edge doesn't stop at its extraordinary features. Its economical entry-point investment and fully automated functionality make it a market leader in cost-effectiveness. The machine eliminates the need for manual intervention, optimizing the packaging process, making it an unparalleled choice for businesses seeking an efficient, reliable, and budget-friendly packaging solution.

Experience the synergistic fusion of productivity and dependability with the Joy 450 Horizontal Stretch Film Machine. Ascend to new peaks of packaging proficiency, unlocking unprecedented levels of productivity. With the Joy 450, you don't just get a machine; you get a partner dedicated to accelerating your business's growth trajectory.

Product Features

Level Of Automation/ Nivel de Automacion Semi Automatic / Semi Automática
Ring Diameter/Diametro Interior (mm) 450
Machine Total Length (mm) / Largo de la Máquina 1650
Total Weight (kg) / Peso Total 240kg
Max. Rotation Speed (Rpm) /Velocidad (rpm) 50
Power supply voltage/Voltage (V) 220 V 1Ph+N 50/60 Hz
Installed total power (kw) /Potencia total (kw) 0.375kw (One Electric Motor)
Min. Packing / Producto Minimo (mm) 100x18x450 (With Short Part Bridge)
Working Pressure/ Presion (Bar) 6±1
Conveyor Height / Altura de Transportadora (mm) 750-800
Infeed Conveyor Length (Useful) (mm) / Largo Transportadora Entrada 650
Outfeed Conveyor Lengths (mm) / Largo Transportadora Salida 650
Conveyor width (mm) / Anchura transportadora  195
Max. Load Capacity (kg/m) / Capacidad de Carga 40 kg/m
Recommended Film thickness (μm) /Grosor 23, 30, 35
Film width (mm) /Anchura Film 195
Max. External diameter of foil /Diametro Bobina Exterior (mm) 220
Core diameter of foil (mm) / Diametro Bobina 76
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