If you're in the market for an Orbital Wrapping Machine, follow this simple guide to select the right machine for your investment. While you may have a basic idea of the type of machine you need, considering the following points will help you choose the most suitable wrapping machine.


Three Main Options

Manual or Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machines: These machines are suitable for small daily production units. They require manual work during the wrapping process and are also beneficial for small workshops. Manual Orbital Wrapping machines occupy less space and are compact. However, if your product is relatively large and heavy, manually guiding the product during wrapping may be challenging. Therefore, these machines are better suited for small or lightweight product wrapping. Additionally, if you are packing more than 100 products daily, the packing speed may be relatively slow, prompting you to consider a fully automatic machine.


Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machines: If you need to pack more than 80 products per day or have a continuous production line where different products require wrapping, a fully automatic orbital wrapping machine is the ideal choice. In a typical cabinetry workshop, 3-4 people are employed for packing goods. However, labor costs can be high. By investing in a fully automatic wrapping machine, you can save up to three people. Furthermore, reputable machines on the market offer precise controls, such as stretch film tensioning and adjustable settings, allowing you to save up to 40% on stretch film consumption while maintaining consistent packing quality. Many good orbital wrapping manufacturers incorporate touch panels and recipe control, enabling you to save different packaging types under product descriptions or codes, stored in the machine's memory indefinitely for future recall. Moreover, quality machines offer performance indicators, providing reports on daily product quantities wrapped and operator performance. Considering these benefits, if you are still using stretch film to pack your goods without a horizontal wrapping machine, investing in one can save you money, time, and increase overall quality and efficiency.


Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machines with Air Bubble Welding Unit: If you already use air bubble or foam-type products to protect your goods against shipment shifts, you can consider investing in a complete orbital wrapping stretch film wrapping line. While the initial investment for such a machine may be higher, it can prove more cost-effective in the long run. Alternatively, you can invest in a manual air bubble unit and load the products into the machine, but a full horizontal wrapping line offers greater efficiency and savings.


Determining Your Investment Budget

Your budget is the first question you need to answer when choosing an orbital wrapping machine. By exploring at least 5-6 different manufacturers and their products, you can gain a better understanding of prices and available options. It is not recommended to settle for the first machine you come across or simply choose a machine because a neighboring company uses it, as it may be expensive.


Calculating Payback Period

You can easily calculate the payback period of your investment. Typically, a normal payback time should fall between 9-12 months. If your payback period exceeds this timeframe, you may need to reconsider your options.


Stretch Film Contracts

When purchasing your first machine, the dealer or manufacturer may offer you a stretch film contract. Before signing a long-term contract, make sure to check and compare the prices of different suppliers.


Cost of Ownership

Over time, you will require maintenance, service, or spare parts for your machine. Generally, a good machine should work without any problems for the first 2-3 years if you follow the maintenance guidelines outlined in the user manual. However, you will eventually need to replace some wearing parts or other components. Before making a purchase, inquire about the cost of spare parts and factor it into the initial investment for your machine.


Second-Hand Value of Your Orbital Wrapping Machine

The second-hand value of a wrapping machine is influenced by its condition after a certain period. After 100,000 cycles, an orbital wrapping machine may still appear perfect, depending on its robustness and structure. Machines with steel bodies and strong conveyors tend to perform well over many years. Although there is a trend to design products with a limited lifespan, aiming for customers to purchase new machines, it is essential to consider the long-term value of your investment. If you decide to upgrade or replace your machine, being able to resell it at a reasonable price is advantageous.


Finally, although many horizontal wrapping machines may appear similar, it's worth paying attention to the details. Compare service packages, warranties, and other specifications of the machines. Look for a good balance and consider the overall package and return on investment each machine offers. Take your time to analyze the numbers and compare similar options, and the best solution will become apparent.