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Welcome to Dynawrap, your destination for superior orbital and horizontal wrapping solutions. Our flagship product, the Pro 1400 Orbital Wrapping Machine, is expertly designed with the latest technology and robust architecture to meet your distinct wrapping needs.

Engineered for high productivity, our Pro 1400 Orbital Wrapper stands as a testament to unmatched versatility and durability in the market. This machine is proficient in accommodating a broad spectrum of applications, effortlessly handling different shapes and sizes. Whether you're packing with cardboard or stretch film, the Pro 1400 is perfectly adapted to cater to your needs.

The robust construction of the Pro 1400 guarantees long-lasting reliability, making it a dependable ally for all your wrapping needs, spanning a wide range of sectors. From cabinet and door manufacturers to other industries with diverse packaging requirements, our machine stands as a universally applicable solution.

The Pro 1400 Orbital Wrapping Machine is equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing a smooth, user-friendly experience. Its refined control systems ensure precise and efficient operation, promising perfection with every wrap. The incorporation of this intelligent technology bolsters its position as a premier machine in the packaging industry, reflecting our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality.

At Dynawrap, we pledge to deliver advanced wrapping solutions that enhance productivity, lower costs, and maintain supreme quality. Trust in the Pro 1400 Orbital Wrapping Machine, your key to high productivity and efficiency, to furnish your business with the resources it needs to thrive.

Welcome to a realm of efficiency and dependability. Welcome to Dynawrap.

Product Features

Our Pro 1400 Orbital Wrapping Machine merges superior technology with user-friendly controls, offering an assortment of features that streamline your wrapping process, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and speed:

  • Adaptable Wrapping: Ready to accommodate a multitude of package sizes and shapes, the Pro 1400 seamlessly adapts to all your wrapping demands.
  • Solid Construction: Constructed to withstand the test of time, the Pro 1400 ensures durability and longevity, effortlessly managing intense wrapping tasks.
  • Intelligent Control System with Touch Panel: The intuitive interface enables precise and efficient operation for accurate wrapping, simplifying the process for the user.
  • High Productivity with Speed and Efficiency: With a remarkable wrapping speed, the Pro 1400 is designed for high productivity, capable of managing extensive volumes in a short span.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing the manual labor needed for wrapping, the Pro 1400 helps lower labor costs, making your operations more cost-effective.
  • Safety Measures: Equipped with safety mechanisms, our machines prioritize operator protection and ensure smooth functioning.
  • Low Maintenance: The Pro 1400 requires minimal maintenance, saving you valuable time and additional costs.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Designed with sustainability in mind, our machines utilize materials and processes that limit environmental impact.

The Pro 1400 Orbital Wrapper epitomizes our commitment to offering you advanced, reliable, and efficient wrapping solutions designed for high productivity. Join us at Dynawrap, and together, let's forge a more efficient and sustainable future.


Standard Pro 1400 Package INCLUDES

  • Top Presses
  • Cutting and Clamping Unit
  • Motorised Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors
  • Smart Touch Panel
  • PLC Control Automation
  • Short Part Bridge



Before entering horizontal wrapping, it is an automatic operation to apply bubble wrap or foam onto the product. Compatible with all Pro Series machines.



Ring Diameter 1360
Max. Width (mm) 2600
Max. Height (mm)* 2200 - 2650
Conveyor Height (mm) 870 - 900
Conveyor width (mm) 900
Infeed Conveyor Lenght (mm) 1300
Welding Unit Conveyor (mm) 1800
Outfeed Conveyor (mm) 1300
Conveyor Load Capacity (kg/m) 120
Max. Crown Velocity (rpm) 70
Total Weight (kg) 950
Welding Unit Weight (kg) 410
Installed Power (kw) 3
Power Supply (V)

400V 3Ph+N 50/60 Hz

Working Pressure (Bar) 5-7

Main Parameter



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